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Personal Trainer

I am currently studying Sport and Exercise Science at University of Canberra.

I'm not only making people move weights, sweat & question if it's torture but also changing quality of life. I'm not talking about addressing just your nutrition but to make you think when you run, is it efficient? If you are sitting at a desk all day is your spine in a neutral position or is it in a comprised (hunched) position? It is these questions that I hope to address that will make the quality of life better for when you are mid marathon or 80+ and still playing with your grandchildren. And who wouldn't want that?


Personal Trainer

I completed my Diploma of Fitness in 2015 and I am currently studying for a Bachelor of Human Nutrition at the University Canberra.

I have played sports from a very young age; Oztag, Touch, Soccer, Futsal, Netball, Tennis, long distance running and athletics. I made the Australian Oztag Barbarians Team in 2015, the Australian Oztag team in 2016 and the ACT Oztag Team.

My training interests are circuit work, work in groups or individuals and work through several exercises at pace that are fun and enjoyable. My personal interests include, playing sports and staying fit. Training people has always been the highlight of what I do, I love to see what people get out of my training programs, and help them to achieve their goals, meet new people and build friendships.


Personal Trainer

Hello Everyone, I’m Kayla, an enthusiastic personal trainer!

I have my Diploma in Fitness and Certificate IV in Sports Development. I’m currently undertaking Mossa Training, so I can follow my new love of Group Fitness.

I love taking the HIIT classes and try to make the classes challenging but fun. I have a background in Athletics and compete in national competitions.

I love to have a chat with everyone around and hear all about the personal progress that you make!

Elle Coate

Personal Trainer

My Name is Elle. I am a busy mother to two who hopes to inspire as many individuals and groups as possible to reach their health and fitness goals.


I have a huge passion for helping others and love what i do! Everyday!


My favourite workout sessions are HIIT & Boxing. I find exercising and keeping fit a massive part of my life. It keeps me sane, haha!


At Embrace I run HIIT and BOOTCAMP and enjoy every session.

I look forward to meeting you all and following your fitness journeys.