The Reformer Pilates system is quite unique as it is a whole body system which uses the core principals of Concentration, Alignment, Breathing and Core Connection.

Here are just some of the positive health benefits of regular use:-

There is no impact on the joints so it can be adapted to suit injuries and rehabilitation work, enhancing recovery and strengthening weakened muscular structures.

The reformer will compliment your regular fitness activities , creating body awareness and maintenance – less injuries.
Strengthening deep postural muscles, creating improved posture which will make you look and feel better.

Better breathing
Create core strength
Heightened flexibility
Balance out the body structure – are you stronger or dominant left of right side?




Reformer Pilates Instructor

I chanced upon a Reformer Pilates class in 2011 and finally found an exercise I enjoyed. More than five years on, I am just as excited (and even more passionate) about Reformer Pilates than I was then. Having recently completed my Certificate III in Fitness and qualified as a Reformer Pilates instructor, I am keen to help others discover a love for this life changing exercise.

I participated in Reformer Pilates throughout my pregnancy and returned to it afterwards as a wonderful form of gentle post-natal exercise. I believe that there are strong benefits in this low-impact workout for pre and post-natal women and I am currently working towards completing a certificate in Pilates and Pregnancy.